Autism spectrum


Autism Spectrum (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a condition affecting communication and behavior. It can be diagnosed at any age. However a vast majority of the cases are reported in the first two years of life. Autism is characterized by difficulties in social interactions and communication. Moreover, children on the spectrum represent restricted interests, repetitive behaviors and symptoms that hinder life at school and work.

Symptoms of autism and their severity vary substantially between the low and high functioning ends of the spectrum. The picture can range from mild challenges to more impeding such as lack of spoken language.

First-Step team has helped many children on the spectrum to reach their highest developmental potential. Here is an example of the therapy process of the autism spectrum.


During Enrico’s first year of life his parents felt that something was not in order with his development. However, medical tests showed that all relevant parameters were in place and reported no developmental delay. At 18 months, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. When First-Step team met Enrico he was three years old. His communication, language, sensory and motor development levels were quite low. He suffered from considerable difficulty in adapting to life and basic functions. Also, he was depicting significant behavioral difficulties.

Enrico and his parents engaged in intensive therapeutic processes that lasted for three years.  The result was an impressive leap in his development. The gap between his peers was closed and Enrico could attend a regular school.

“Enrico and we as parents went through an incredible process during the last three years of therapy with Shai and his team. The change in our life and the progress of Enrico’s development have been enormous. From a 3 years old child who was not talking and who was motorically insecure, we have a very social and talkative young school boy! To us this is a gift for life.”

– Francesca and Thomas, Enrico’s parents.