Childcare professionals


Baby-sitters, nannies and nursery professionals spend considerable time with babies. Thus, their knowledge and training are crucial factors influencing the development of children. Luckily, today there are special trainings and courses organized for these professionals. These trainings primarily focus on basics such as safety, behavior, appropriate activities and first-aid. Certainly, these points are fundamental in dealing with babies and infants. Yet, there is still room for a deeper understanding of the infant/child: the developmental perspective. Giving baby-sitters, nannies the opportunity to gain more profound knowledge respective of each developmental stage and practical exercises would benefit all parties: the baby-sitting agency, the baby-sitter, the baby and the family. When a baby-sitter knows different – and developmentally supportive- ways of interacting with  babies they are more confident and more deeply invested in their roles.


For both baby-sitter agencies and free-lance baby-sitters adding the developmental approach brings in a unique aspect. It would reinforce your engagement in the best possible interest of the baby. Parents will certainly note the extra skills and will be willing to pay more. They would be reassured knowing that their baby is cared by knowledgeable professionals who can apply developmental theory into practice. They are attentive to their child’s needs, development and growth. This also will render baby-sitters to feel more professional and to be more committed to their work.

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