Confident and effective parents are focused and productive employees

Employees agree that their health, well-being and their home life have a significant effect on their productivity and motivation

For employees who are new parents this effect is even more pronounced. The first year is particularly demanding from both transition to parenthood and child development perspectives. Working parents try getting used to their new role as a parent without having to compromise their career.  During this challenging period, any parenting support is highly valuable. 

Employers can do a lot to help their employees have a smooth transition. Offering your employees knowledge and support help them navigate through parenting much smoother, as well as helping them being more relaxed and focused at work. Not to mention the psychological effect of receiving support…

Corporate- First year of life support package

  • Talks on ante-post natal life and child development 

  • Group workshops on a list of topics: e.g. what to expect, sleep, crying, parental anxiety, baby products, etc. 

  • Webinars

  • Regular ongoing support – online or in person

  • Individual consultations (ad-hoc)- online or in person

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Corporate Talks for Working Parents

  • What to expect: first year with your baby (for expecting parents)

  • Becoming a mom

  • Becoming a dad

  • Baby products

  • Bonding with your baby

  • How to carry your baby?

  • Sleeping & bedtime routines

  • How babies communicate 

  • Sensory play 

  • Motor skills

  • Balance system

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Benefits for Organisations

Diversity & Inclusion 

Employee retention 

Family-friendly employee benefit package 

Reduced stress and absenteeism

Greater well-being in the workplace

Less negative spill-over from home to work

Increased employee focus, satisfaction and productivity at work

Benefits for Families

Reduced parental stress

Ongoing support 

Better child outcomes

Confident and effective parenting

More positive relationships at home

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