Parenthood is a demanding and laborious transformation period. For working parents this period is trickier. Juggling between the demands of professional life and parenthood is exhausting. Especially for those who do not have their “natural helpers”: the grandparents or other family members by their side!


Today responsible and family-friendly companies offer a variety of additional benefits for the well-being and happiness of their employees: from fitness programs to mindfulness; creativity to meditation. These see the employees in their individuality. Enlarging the scope to seeing the employees in their family setting, including their role as a parent is a standard practice in some Western countries.  Going the extra mile and offering benefits on the family-level would adds greatly to the employee retention, performance, motivation and concentration.


We propose collaboration with companies to provide their employees with events and workshop series focusing on child development and on parenthood.

Are you a family-friendly company? Do you see the value of family life in the well-being of your employees? Let’s talk !