First-Step Method

First-Step workshops are designed for the development of babies from birth until they can walk independently. Practical tools are introduced to help parents soothing their baby more easily and supporting the sensory and motor development of their little ones. The approach is holistic, aiming at integrating different aspects of developmental stages in the early childhood. Workshops are organized in two ways: group and individual/private lessons. Besides parents who would like to have a session focusing more deeply on their baby’s development; parents of babies with torticollis, hip dysplasia, severe reflux or sleep disorders benefit greatly from the private lessons. You can find more information on the private lessons on: First Step Private Lessons.


A newborn baby will never again learn as much as during the first months of his life. During this time, parents have the unique opportunity to accompany their child in his first steps in life. Enormous developments take place during this phase, which will influence the child‘s life. Contrary to animals, whose sensory system and motor functions are fully developed at birth, babies leave their mother‘s womb before they are ready. therefore, they still need the comforting feeling of protection they had in the womb and their development greatly benefits when their senses and motor functions are actively stimulated. In addition, this has a fundamental influence on cerebral maturation.


First-Step is a method supporting parents in their child’s development. First-Step has an holistic approach and sees the parents as a significant factor contributing to the development of a child. First-Step believes that there is an optimum time window for each step of development. and this opportunity should be made the most of. the First-Step Method is structured so that the infant will undergo a development step at a time – without missing one. always, whether you come to a private lesson or attend a workshop, it will be your baby‘s senses, motor-skills and nervous system that will be stimulated to set the smooth flow of their development.