Healthcare Professionals

There is a variety of healthcare professionals for pregnancy and the postpartum life. Each of these experts focuses on a different aspect of the pregnancy or the baby. Working in cooperation with pediatricians, midwifes and doulas would add into the individual capabilities of each. Bridging these separate fields of expertise would also make the life of new parents much easier.


We live in an age where holistic approach became a must. Every parent would like to have a pediatrician who could advise him or her other methods or practices in case of need. How many times we find ourselves overwhelmed by searching the solution in a sea of islands, which are not bridged. Sometimes we run into that one person who happens to have knowledge on the whole spectrum of possible solutions. We realize that we save so much time and money thanks to the global view our helper. By being curious about what others offer and inspired to collaborate you can considerably add to your service’s value.

I look forward to cooperating with open-minded and inspiring healthcare professionals in the field of pregnancy and infant development. I am excited to discuss about how we can collaborate and how our services complement each other.