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Baby Workshops are classes about different developmental questions or challenges like baby sleep or tummy time, or about sitting and the importance of the balance system and how to stimulate a baby correctly during those stages of development. It s one off class, and you can join several upon your interest. See below the different location where you can join and if you prefer a tailor made solution please contact me under


Well-rested babies -> Relaxed  parents

Sleep is a pillar of healthy development. It also is a key topic for you, (new) parents.
Getting enough sleep (for both you and your baby) sets the tone of your parenting experience, as well as your little one’s temper.
We know that each baby is different, so is her sleep pattern. Hence, establishing a healthy relationship to sleep might not be easy for everyone. We also know that with right support and knowledge you can help your baby having a positive relationship to sleep.


Tummy time is foundational in baby development. It forms the basis for lifting the head, turning, crawling, sitting and walking. Join our workshop to get to know playful practical exercises to encourage your little one to regularly spend time on the tummy. 


Communication with your baby starts at birth; first it is pre-verbal. It gradually gets more sophisticated until it reaches the verbal communication with speaking. Join our workshop to get to know different communication ways of the first year of life. 


Sensory system enables us to understand the world around us  via the intake and processing the information and the responding to the information. By using different intensity, frequency, and type of sensory stimulation parents can introduce their babies to a larger range of sensory experience.

Our workshop gives an overview of the sensory system and provides parents practical tools to use at home in supporting their little one’s development.


The balance system enables us to be in a balanced and stable position both in motion and in static situation. This system is connected to various parts of the sensory system such as proprioceptive and auditory systems. A dysfunctioning of this system can lead to avoidance of movement, poor confidence and anxiety.

Our workshop gives an overview of the balance system and provides practical tools supporting the healthy development of it.


Babies eating timeline follows his/her development as a whole. Graduating from liquid to solid food, feeding themselves and mastering eating themselves are important -and exciting- milestones of their growth.

Our Eating Workshop focuses on eating from a developmental perspective. We create a picnic environment to exercise and learn about eating habits and ways.



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