About Early Child Development

My journey toward child development started in 2009 with First-Step Method when searching for therapy for my younger son. My son greatly benefited from this method’s holistic approach to child development and had the opportunity to grow up as a happy child. My experience with this method was so effective that I decided to spread this method both for the development of healthy children and the treatment of special needs children.

I pursued the First-Step Training to become an Early Child Development Consultant for healthy babies. Since 2012 I have been offering workshops (EN, DE, IT) and private lessons in Zurich and Milan. The main focus is on the preventive aspects of early child development and the alleviation of parental anxiety. I offer a hands-on approach that complements the theory. Hence, parents leave with a toolbox of practical exercises. They gain confidence and expertise to support their babies’ development successfully.

Besides my focus on healthy child development, since 2009, I have been representing the First-Step therapy for treating children with special needs in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. I aim at introducing as many families as possible to this method and the First-Step team of experts. This method has given us so much as a family. Therefore, I wish to give it back and share this powerful and effective therapy with the families of special needs children.

Francesca Seegy
Early Childhood Development instructor | First-Step Method Senior Representative

Our Methodology

First Step® Method

First-Step workshops are designed for the development of babies from birth until they can walk independently. The instructor introduces practical tools to help parents soothe more easily their babies and support the sensory and motor development of their little ones.

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PäPKi® method

The PäPKi® development and learning therapy come into play at this point: gaps are diagnosed and explained to the parents to understand the relationships between physical immaturity and developmental abnormalities.

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