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Supporting you and your child

We accompany new parents in their unique journey to parenthood, helping them support their baby’s development.

  • Courses for new parents
  • Private coaching
  • Support for special needs parents
  • Child development workshops and talks
  • Professional training for child care professionals
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First Step® baby courses

Group courses for babies and their parents from 0 to 12 months. These take place in four different locations: World of Movement - Thalwil, Academicus - Enge, Die Hebammenpraxis - Leimbach, and Hebammenpraxis - Nordstrasse.
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Workshops and talks

Baby Workshops are classes about different developmental questions or challenges. They are one off classes, and you can join several depending on your interest.

Private coaching

First-Step Private Lessons are great to focus on your baby’s development more deeply that can happen in a group workshop.

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First Step® professional training

The First Step Training Program is a training where you can learn the First Step method and become a Certified Instructor.

About the First Step® certification

Special needs and developmental delays

First-Step therapy addresses a broad spectrum of disorders including genetic syndrome, brain injuries, autism and communication disorders, motor delays and disorders, low muscle tone, epilepsy, severe eating disorders and ADHD.

The therapeutic process is an intensive learning process in which parents actively participate. In fact, parents’ role is central in creating a facilitating environment for their child’s development.

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First-Step®️ Method - FAQ

Is my child suitable for the First-Step® Method?

Is my child suitable for the First-Step® Method? Anyone is suitable for this holistic, therapeutical method. Nevertheless, your child will undergo an assessment of two and a half hours with the founder of First-Step®, Shai Silberbusch. Please reach out with any further questions.

Therapy Structure

I represent First-Step®️ Method first of all out of the personal experience. I dedicated most of my professional life to supporting families in similar situations. After almost 13 years, I have collected enough evidence of the benefits of this therapeutic method on children with delays. These delays have names: cerebral palsy, Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrom, STXBP1 Syndrom and, unfortunately, many more. Please visit www.firststepmethod.com too, and reach out with any questions you might have.


Parents play the most important role in the development of their baby. Knowledge, support and community help them to be more confident, and relaxed, enjoy their parenthood.

Learn and grow with your baby

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