Francesca Seegy

 I am an Early Childhood Development Coach and Special Needs Therapy Consultant.  I organise Baby Courses and Workshops for new parents and their babies in Zürich and Milano. Also, I work as a parent-baby coach with families, focusing on their family’s and baby’s specific needs – such as sleep, eating, parental anxiety, premature babies, colicky babies etc.I am passionate about accompanying parents in their beautiful and challenging journey of parenthood, and helping them support their baby’s development from a holistic perspective. My courses, workshops and private sessions entail a combination of theory and practice. Hence, parents do not only learn but also get a hands-on experience and tools they can implement in their day-to-day life.


My journey towards child development started in 2009 with First-Step method, when searching a therapy for my younger son. My son greatly benefited from this method’s holistic approach to child development and had the opportunity to grow up as a happy child. My experience with this method was so convincing that I decided to spread this method both for the development of healthy children and the treatment of special needs children.

I pursued the First-Step Training to become an Early Child Development Consultant for healthy babies. Since 2012 I have been offering workshops (EN, DE, IT) and private lessons (in Zurich and Milan).  My main focus is on the preventive aspects in early child development and the alleviation of parental anxiety.  I offer a hands-on approach that complements the theory. Hence parents leave with a toolbox of practical exercises, which in turn brings them confidence , while supporting their babies’ development in the most effective way.

Besides my focus on healthy child development, since 2009 I have been representing the First-Step therapy for the treatment of children with special needs in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. As a point of contact of for this area, I aim at introducing as many families as possible to this method and to the First-Step team of experts.  This method has given us so much as a family; I dedicated myself to  share  this powerful and effective way of therapy with the families of special needs children.


First-Step Method

First-Step is a method supporting parents in their child’s development. First-Step has a holistic approach and sees the parents as a significant factor contributing to the development of a child.

PäPKi® method

PäPKi® developmental and learning therapy for infants and toddlers focuses on determining developmental gaps and working with parents in the gradual closing of these gaps.


Over & Above

Becoming a parent is a unique experience; it is a process of transformation. The first years of life of a baby are unique in terms the intensity of growth and establishment of a solid base for future. Luckily, we live in a time that acknowledges the centrality of these aspects. Yet there is still plenty room for supporting new parents and babies in this special period of their life. Having witnessed the benefits of baby development workshops through my classes, my objective is to offer this opportunity to as many parents (and babies) as possible. I see great potential in working with bigger structures and institutions; such as family friendly companies, day-cares, babysitting agencies, hospitals and birth houses. I believe that cooperation would leverage our individual strengths, strengthen our ties with new parents and would benefit all parties.


Day-cares & primary care givers …

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Family friendly companies and institutions…

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Gynaecologists, Midwifes, Doulas…

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