Baby Courses

Birth to 3 months

What happens after birth, when baby comes home? | How can I soothe my baby? | How to deal with sleeping? & more | What’s the best way of carrying my baby? | There are so many products, which one to choose?

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3 to 6 months

My baby does not like being on the tummy, is this ok?  | Help! colicky baby!! | What are the appropriate sensory play exercises? | How can I support my baby’s development at this stage? | What are the different reflexes and their respective roles?

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6 to 9 months

How can I playfully stimulate my babies senses? | When my baby will crawl? | My baby is crawling backwards, what does this mean? | How can I communicate with my baby? | My baby skipped crawling, what should I do?

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9 to 12 months

My baby skipped crawling and is now standing. What does this mean? | When can I introduce solid food? | What is an optimal eating routine? | My baby is scared of unfamiliar people, is this ok? | What’s next?

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